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Eight hefty rorts not covered by Australia's mainstream media. Why the silence?

Graphs & information shared with permission of Vince O'Grady Oct 16 2021
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I have wanted to express this for the last three days. Here goes.

I am disgusted at the lack of Integrity and the dishonesty of the Main-Stream Media in Australia. Because they have been nobbled by the Coalition generally. This week they have been discussing Labor Branch stacking Ad infinitum in Victoria. Branch Stacking is NOT an offence. It is a manipulation of the Internal Labor Party rules.

What might be an offence is the fools of MP's who used employees on the public payroll to do this manipulation. I agree that that needs to be addressed. If those  MP's have committed offenses against State or Federal laws, then they should rightly suffer the consequences.

The press have been spending an inordinate amount of time discussing this this week, YET they have totally ignored another outrage perpetrated by the sitting Federal Coalition Government.

The reporting of the rorting of the latest round of the BUILDING THE BETTER REGIONS FUND ROUND 5. This was reported in the Guardian and The New Daily within days of it being released. I was one of the people who analysed it.

One: Here is a graph of the uneven distribution of the funds:

I cannot understand how this is not Newsworthy, especially in light of the following other analyses done and hardly reported by the press.

Two: Sports Rorts. Value $100 Million

Three: Community Development Grants 2013 - 2019 Value $1.1 Billion.

Four: Regional Development Programs 2013 to 2019 to the value of $714.5 million

Five: Community Development Grants in 2020 for a value of $392.3 Million

Six: Building the Better Regions fund in 2020 for a value of $158.4 Million

Seven: Female facilities and Water Safety Stream Grants worth $135.75 Million

Eight: The Commuter Car Park Fund. Worth $704.39 Million


You'd expect so, but not covered by the bulk of Australia's media.

Why is that?

Who benefits from the lack of analysis and coverage?

Who loses?

Is the above pattern of funding in the spirit of the Australian "Fair Go"?

How can we make informed decisions about who to vote for if we don't have relevant information?

Get involved!

Murdoch Royal Commission

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More information:

Does your political rep vote the way they say they do? Or is what's presented in gushing enthusiasm a ruse to get your vote? How do they vote on: Vaccines, Aged Care, Education, Financial support during covid, water & food security, foreign ownership to name a few?

Is your vote being used as YOU want it to be?

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