Friday, 17 January 2020

List of Australian Independent Media

Do you remember the feeling when you were a child and someone took away a tattered possibly dangerous toy, a favourite book or said "You're a big kid now, you don't need that any more"?

The wise person in your life would have immediately replaced the removed item with something more interesting. The gap caused by the loss or habit was filled & satisfied!

The same with media. When we discover that particular groups no longer support our needs, values or morals, it's time to change AND replace it with more diverse options.
Australian Independent Media!
Thanks to the Gosford Anglican Church
for the reminder that our brains need to be nurtured
 along with our bodies!
I have an A4 sheet with Australian Independent Media which I cut up and give to
people who have little idea of the good range of options we have!
You can also tuck them under the sugar bowl at cafes, put them in msm papers
and leave them in all sorts of places where people can see the great range of 

choices we have! 

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