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Are all politicians as bad as each other?

How often have you heard the untrue mantra: "It doesn't matter who you vote for, they're all the same"?

An assertive, authoritative lie encouraging complacency, uttered as a direction to stick with the known, the familiar, no matter how unwholesome.

It makes life easy, but encourages ignorance & lack of curiosity about things that affect YOU. 

Who discourages us from making an informed decision about what is arguably one of the most important decisions we can make?

Who we vote for affects us, our families, our communities, our environment. 

Decisions made by parliament can make life harder, or smoother and OUR VOTE MATTERS!

Political decisions impact our access to clean water, affordable & healthy food, clean air, wages, media ownership, timely & adequate availability of health care, aged care, disability support, education, research, sale of government assets, fire fighting equipment and professional employment services ... to name a few.

Michael West discusses the role of the media: "positive coverage increases electoral support for a political party. Media endorsements of a candidate is particularly effective on moderate voters – those most likely to enter an election campaign undecided. The discrepancy between polling and outcomes in the 2019 election can be explained by the influence of the media."

The bulk of the Australian media loudly & assertively supports the LNP (Liberal National Coalition) no matter which skeletons should be exposed, and ignores or undermines Labor, the Greens & independents, no matter how beneficial it would be for us.

How do we find out about policies which have a NEGATIVE IMPACT?

Who holds the government to account when the bulk of the media doesn't?

Our Independent Media and satirists (yes, really, including  A complete list of the Liberal Party’s corruption over the last 7 years from The Chaser) have consistently done a great job exposing many less than desirable choices made by politicians.

Politicians' actions matter more than words!

Shadow Minister for Government Accountability, Kristina Keneally suggests we "look at [politicians] actions and ask who they stand for". (National Press Club youtube & transcript )

"Boring" I hear you say, or "I haven't got time for that."

In that case, take as little as 1 1/2 minutes to find out whether the federal politician in your seat is using your vote to support things you want - or just SAYING the right words.




Do politicians' actions support the positive, vote catching words on their marketing and websites or not?

For example, does the Minister for the Environment vote FOR policies that help or hinder endangered species, the Great Barrier Reef, water security for us AND our environment?

Now, back to Kristina Keneally's address.

The Federal government and media didn’t stand up for aged care residents, they didn’t stand up for Robodebt victims, and they aren’t standing up for workers who need secure jobs and a wage rise.

She says it's her "job to call-out every government rort and racket, every broken promise, every instance of the Liberals and the Nationals putting their donors and their cronies ahead of the national interest." 

Subscribe to some of our Independent media, because LNP politicians' wrongdoing won't make headlines in the Murdoch media because:

"proper scrutiny and real accountability depends on issues being carried / into the homes and minds of your readers, listeners and viewers." And this is something the Murdock media wants to avoid as much as possible. Our ignorance is to their benefit.

When faith and respect in democracy is undermined, democracy is weakened too.

Integrity in politics matters

It matters to the health and strength of our democracy.

It matters to the state of our economy and the quality of Australians’ lives. 

Corruption in politics matters 

Keneally states that exposing acts of corruption doesn’t damage the standing of politics.
Corruption itself does that.  Even more so when corrupt acts go unpunished. When they’re ignored, or worse, rewarded. 
When there are seemingly no consequences for gross incompetence and no penalties for scandalous negligence – that’s what undermines belief in the system and respect for the institution. 

In her address, she discusses the escapades of some ministers and the lack of accountability either from the Prime Minister or the mainstream media.

It doesn't inspire confidence or trust in the system, and when independent bodies like the Audit Office find problems – as they have with the airport dodgy land deal in Sydney and Sports Rorts – Morrison responded by cutting their funding.  

Conventions and Institutions eroded 

The erosion of conventions and institutions that uphold democratic freedoms combined with social media, disinformation and foreign interference to sway voters, is a wakeup call that we must preserve and uphold the bedrocks of Australian democracy, including:

  • An independent Australian Electoral Commission
  • Compulsory Voting
  • The rule of law, an independent judiciary and independent law enforcement and national security agencies – with appropriate oversight, especially on intrusive powers
  • Freedom of the press and public interest journalism
  • Freedoms of religion, association, and speech, and
  • Oversight and accountability mechanisms, provided by bodies like the Australian National Audit Office, Senate estimates, and state-based Integrity Commissions.

Satisfaction with Australian democracy has more than halved in the last decade, down from 86% to 41%.

Australians have low expectations and cynical views of our Government 

Distrust and disengagement allow failure to go unaddressed, and self-interest to be served.

When voters’ cynicism grows, politicians who serve their own political purposes flourish, and we're caught in a vicious, self fulfilling cycle of disengagement and despair.

 "It does matter who you vote for, they're not all the same."

Annoyed people take the easy option and donkey vote, or follow the loudest voices on the bandwagon to be on the "winning side".

So when there's significant coverage FOR one group and AGAINST others, the alternatives will have difficulty finding any traction no matter how good their policies.

To help prevent further erosion of democratic norms and expectations, we can encourage people we know to take an interest in our collective future and DON'T OUTSOURCE DECISION MAKING TO VESTED INTERESTS INCLUDING FOREIGN MEDIA MAGNATES.

A final word from KK:

The most important duty of elected representatives is to deliver support quickly and provide confidence to the Australian people that the parliament is on their side & solutions will be found.

Some of our Independent Media!

Monday, 3 May 2021

Separation of church and state? Where has it gone?

Australia's prime minister recently spoke at the Australian Christian Churches convention on the Gold Coast. The content of his sermon is unlikely to be what most people remember from even a vague knowledge of Christianity and definitely NOT what we expect from the Prime Minister of Australia.

It was, in short, a call to the faithful pentecostals to proselytise & convert Australians to their religion while referring to those who use social media as working for the devil.

The video is available on YouTube.

Belinda Jones  has transcribed the address here

The PM used a Royal Australian Air Force jet, flying to the Gold Coast in the afternoon and flying back to Sydney in the evening, so it's assumed he was there in his official capacity.

Why does it matter? Aren't all Christian faiths similar?

Kevin Rudd mentioned in an interview on 7:30, there's a vast difference between mainstream Christian beliefs in Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship and the Pentecostal belief in dominionism and that their god rewards his followers with wealth.

-The Prime Minister also talks about his god using Jenny in the political sphere.

-There's a strong Old Testament focus rather than on the New Testament or the Gospels.

-Encourages followers to think that FaceBook is evil, despite using it extensively himself.

Along with some of our Independent Media who have commented on both the content and the lack of, it's also raised the ire of atheists and Christians.

Chrys Stevenson analysed parts of it here on her blog GLADLY, THE CROSS-EYED BEAR

and here for those on Facebook

Chrys discusses 3 main points made by the PM:

1. That protection (i.e. social assistance and welfare) should come from ‘community’ not the state, and that those who expect protection from the state are immoral.
2. That groups which coalesce in order to obtain protection from the state are evil and strip their members of their individuality and humanity.
3. That it is not his job to save the world - it is God’s, working through his community of believers.

As you can see these points have the potential to have a huge influence on political focus FROM the Commonwealth supporting citizens in need TO refusing support.

Morrison is in favour of churches providing the role we traditionally expect our government to invest in. "For Morrison, the solution to social problems is to outsource them to God. It’s a typical Morrison “it’s-not-my-job” response. It’s not my job to hold a hose. It’s not my job to fix social problems. It’s not the government’s job to fix social problems."

"for Morrison, people who work in co-operation outside the church to lobby the government to address social inequity are involved in the work of the devil."

Last year as the pandemic unfolded, international students, the arts, child care and other 'outside' groups were denied financial support despite having no employment as a direct result of the pandemic. We can well ask what role his fundamentalist beliefs played in denying assistance to specific groups of citizens in need.

Chrys Stevenson also reminds us that “The ‘prosperity gospel’ reduces religion to a magical technique to advance one’s individual self-interest, ignoring that the Gospel is meant to be ‘good news for the poor’, the Bible’s code for all in distress. The prosperity gospel instead focuses on individual wellbeing, rather than promoting wider concepts of solidarity and social justice in an effort to promote the common good of everyone, but especially of the most disadvantaged or marginalised.”

We see this in the obscene profits and increased wealth of some business (eg Harvey Norman here) who've profited throughout the pandemic. There's NO expectation that funds supplied by the Federal Government will be repaid. This is in contrast to the poorest in society who were hounded by Robodebt, sometimes to death.

It's worth noting how the fundamentalist churches benefit from providing 'services' to citizens when the government channels $$$ to them. "when the poor and disadvantaged become dependent on the church, the church gets the big government grants and the power that goes with that. "

From Crikey:

He then outlined engaging in the Pentecostal practice of “laying on of hands” by praying for people at disaster centres by touching them.

“I’ve been in evacuation centres where people thought I was just giving someone a hug, and I was praying, and putting my hands on people … laying hands on them and praying in various situations,” he said.

Father Rod Bower's response: 

I wonder how the people who declined to shake hands with him at Cobargo during the bushfires feel about him forcing himself on them now they know his intent?

Clinical social worker and former evangelical insider Josie McSkimming says the speech was absolutely “talking to the in crowd”

for those outside the church, the speech gives us a kind of guide to Morrison’s real worldview, the beliefs he deeply holds about life, morality and faith when he isn’t performing for the cameras.

“He’s saying, unless you’re a Christian and have your faith in Christ, you’re being used by the evil one. That’s his worldview,” McSkimming said.

“This worldview is: we’re going to heaven, and you’re not.”

Whose ideology?

These are the PM's beliefs. Are they Australia's?

Further commentary fails to settle the discomfort of having a prime minister preaching divisive ideology:

Excerpts of Sarah Alice comments unpacking the PM's Pentecostalism. here 

Part 1

Christianity has this funny polarity where looking outward is almost always an outpouring of the gospel message. It's selfless. It's compassionate. It's gracious and humble. Conservatism in Christianity is a very inward-looking...phenomenon that relies on boundaries of exclusion to keep the unclean or uninitiated out.

...Pentecostals rely on the Old Testament more than the New Testament for their approach to Christianity so much so that I don't think they have actually *read* the gospels. Morrison's reliance on a hardline conservative author to put his points forward?
His whole point for the next ten minutes is about pushing his fellow Christians toward building communities based on morality... the same rigid morality and...adherence to it that the temple priests imposed on the community, the same rigid morality that... funnily enough... Jesus was fucking livid over. 8 min: "we can't let what we're entitled to be more important than what we're responsible for" This gives a hint to his moral justifications for things like asylum seekers and robodebt: for Morrison, [his version of] morality overrides rights. Morality overrides human rights.
Continued here: Part 2:

Groups of people such as #March4Justice, working towards a common goal, and outside those deemed moral by the ACC, and are considered a threat to their conservative ideology. 

He WANTS Australians to be dragged into a more religious, conservative morality with him as the Chosen One, and implores attendees to assist. To underline the religious message, the Murdoch Media presented this headline and visual as reinforcement. Discussed here: 

What steals young people's hope?
The New Daily discusses the PM's attitude to social media, and refers to the weapons used there by "the evil one" (aka the devil).
“It’s going to take our young people. It’s going to take their courage. It’s going to take their hope. It’s going to steal their hope. We’ve got to pray about that.”
Curiously the PM is enthusiastic for people to join his religious pack, but sees other groups as evil.
What really steals hope? Lack of action on climate change, lack of investment in education (primary, secondary & tertiary), lack of support when they're job hunting. Lack of Federal investment in services & community housing. ALL eroded since the LNP came to power.
Which faith?
understanding Morrison’s faith is most definitely in the public interest, because faith burns at the core of the man, and fellow believers also assign considerable value and significance to his prime ministership.
When Morrison became Liberal leader, some pastors told congregations his elevation to power was divinely inspired. Ahead of the 2019 election, some Pentecostal leaders warned “darkness” would spread across Australia and Christians would be persecuted if Morrison lost. At his final speech at the National Press Club before the election, Morrison told voters he would “burn for you every day” if he won. After the victory, he told voters he had always believed in miraclesLink

And the final words from Tim Dunlop here 

They are doing this stuff on purpose.The agenda is not a 'better country for all' but a country rebuilt in their own image, which is increasingly right wing, evangelical, white, ungenerous in a Randian individualist way, bland, and, of course, patriarchal. 

Further reading:
Kevin Rudd 
7 Mountains mandate here & here
Influence on Government here & here
"those in the New Apostolic Reformation pride themselves in not being bound by rule or regulation. Their message is about freedom from man’s rules, expectations and opinions. Nevertheless, Apostolic Centres (as they are also called) like Hillsong, see it as their mandate to ‘infiltrate’ and take over governments to influence culture. " Social Media & the devil here here & here
Indigenous beliefs seen as the work of the devil here
Conservative Christian values and sex here & here
And there's more:


Sunday, 25 October 2020

Murdoch Royal Commission Petition

Why sign the Murdoch Royal Commission Petition when it's unlikely any action will be taken by the current Liberal National Coalition Government?

We know the government won't act in good faith on this petition despite it gaining over 360,000 thousand signatures in just over 2 weeks and not closing till 4th November.

It's pointless, right?

Not really:

International reports

What the Murdoch Royal Commission petition has already done is create news in and of itself. Some from the mainstream media in Australia, Murdoch's Sway on Politics warrants a Royal Commission - and also internationally (New York Times & Straits Times) and amongst many of our Independent Media outlets including articles by highly regarded former NewsCorp journalists

According to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the Murdoch media empire has become "... a protection racket" (2 min video here)

You know that News Corp is no longer interested in reporting facts. It operates like a mafia syndicate with a well-funded protection racket for politicians who back its commercial interests and espouse hard-right ideology on issues like climate change.

You also know that many of Murdoch’s critics, while roaring in private, have been bullied into public silence. They live in fear of joining the mounting number in business, politics and media who have been subjected to an onslaught of lies, innuendo and personal smear. Crikey & here 

has NewsCorp evolved into something new, something we don’t have a name for yet, more like a propaganda outlet camouflaged .... weaponising freedom of the press to defend the corporation.

The Murdoch Royal Commission Petition has promoted discussion amongst diverse groups from across the political spectrum from the disinterested to the passionate. Many may not have been aware of News Corp's reach across Australia and the impact this ONE media empire has by owning the bulk of the print media in Australia.

It's created a sense of togetherness against a common adversary. One who's hell bent on undermining not just our society by creating doubt, insecurity & division, but that erodes trust in science, and supports increasingly right wing views:

Rupert and his minions get to reshape the narrative with relentless far-right monotony, drowning out climate science, crushing progress and stomping on compassion. Independent Australia

Is News Corp really that bad?

Eric Beecher a former editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and editor-in-chief of Herald and Weekly Times (owned by News Corp) has this to say:

When I once asked a senior cabinet minister in a recent federal government to explain how media power in Australia operates in the world of politics, this is how he answered: “A cabinet colleague of mine recently told me he’d had a call from [the head of a large media company] who said that one of his editors had put together all this personal information on him, but he was calling the minister just to let him know that he had instructed the editor under no circumstances was the personal information ever to be published.”

That’s how freedom of the press works in Australia, the politician explained, without a hint of joy. 


Media power lurks like a prowler in the dark. You can sense its danger, feel its presence, identify its victims. But rarely if ever does it show its full face in the light.

That’s because media power is a weapon built primarily on fear. 

The petition helps shine a light on the power, and on the danger it presents to those who stand against it, and how it debases our country.

One voice may seem weak, but banded together, our voices join together and reach others via new media like TikTok

News Corp’s other major markets — the US and the UK — have long moved on. Early last year, The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan, speaking of News’ sister organisation Fox, spelled out what has since become the orthodoxy:

… everyone ought to see [Fox] for what it is: not a normal news organisation with inevitable screw-ups, flaws and commercial interests, which sometimes fail to serve the public interest. Instead, it’s a shameless propaganda outfit, which makes billions of dollars a year as it chips away at the core democratic values we ought to hold dear: truth, accountability and the rule of law.

Earlier this year, James Murdoch resigned from the News Corp board citing “disagreements over certain editorial content.” This past weekend, in an interview with The New York Times, he went further talking of hidden agendas and disinformation.

Not surprisingly, News Corp hasn't mentioned that James Murdoch left the board, leaving those who rely on NC in the dark.

This is especially relevant given the reach of News Corp in Australia. Even if you don't purchase any of their media, it's sending messages of disinformation & framing events in favour of their chosen narrative. This is seen at news-stands, servos, supermarket checkouts & cafes. It's next to impossible to avoid.

So, apart from Kevin Rudd, and a few hundred thousand Australians, who else has signed the petition?

What next?

Remember to confirm the link in the email you receive after signing!

Support Independent media (we've got a great variety!) learn about Media Manipulation Tactics and share both the petition and independent media alternatives with community groups.

Petitioning Parliament House

In Australia the right of petitioning Parliament remains a fundamental right of the citizen. It is the only means by which the individual can directly place grievances before the Parliament. 

An important effect of the petitioning process is that Members and the Government are informed, in a formal and public way, of the views of sections of the community on public issues. Even if no action is immediately taken on a petition, it and others like it may assist in the creation of a climate of opinion which can influence or result in action. (my italics)

Interesting articles:

Who's funding Bad Science?

Is News Corp a news company?

Murdoch's sway on politics warrants royal commission

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Melbourne Lockdown, ocean exploration & mutineers

What's it like to be a marine technician?

This isn't a question you'd expect to be relevant to being in lockdown in Melbourne during the global covid pandemic.

Or is it?

Bear with me.

Colleen Peters is a Marine Technician on the RV Ocean Explorer. She recently spoke with  *Amelia, not only about pathways to become a Marine Technician but also about the role of the captain, morale of crew & passengers, the importance of collaboration, working together, skills, dealing with people's needs and wants, as well as many fascinating aspects of her varied role.

She also spoke about the vital role the captain of a ship plays, where the crew rely on their skills as far more than a navigator to bring everyone home safely.

You can listen to Avid Research STEM interviews here & on Apple & Spotify 

Listening to this episode made me realise there are similarities between being at sea during a massive storm, and Melbourne Lockdown during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

"the responsibility that the captain has in not just to get the job done, but it's to bring everybody home safe, it's a much different responsibility and it's to be very well respected"

Being in lockdown feels a bit like it sounds like after being too long at sea. You tend to go a bit stir crazy. We're confined to a limited radius from home, and while we can definitely venture further than our 'cabin' - we can walk, shop, post letters and go out for coffee and order take-away foods - many of us are missing family and friends who live further away. Others are antsy, frustrated and bored.

Our captain (Victoria's Premier, Daniel Andrews) is in some ways similar to the captain of a ship in a violently raging sea, and along with other countries around the globe, our ship has been blown off course.

Waaaaay off course.

There are no charts for this expedition and we rely on the skill of the captain, navigator, and crew to find the safest course to a new and different harbour to what was anticipated in 2019. This takes resolve and courage in the face of dissenting voices far away. 

There are rocks ahead.

We see other ships, far larger than ours foundering on jagged rocks during this frightening storm. 

Bodies pile up on a rocky island, while others swirl in the maelstrom, decomposing as we watch, helpless to assist. Desperate crew and passengers struggle to keep ships afloat while some captains shout indistinct or conflicting commands.

One captain & crew are carousing in his goldleaf cabin, denying there's anything amis while we watch in horror at the imminent wreckage. Will some of it create hazards for others at sea?

Meanwhile the violent storm rages on.

Focused on the job at hand, our captain commands "Heave to" to reduce the potential to join the devastation he sees around.

To weather a storm of such global magnitude takes nerves of steel, a calm demeanour, clear directions and responsible crew and passengers. It's incumbent on all to pull together in our response to this global covid crisis.

"We don't see the complexity of what's going on out of our sight."

Finding a relatively safe course through this uncharted territory is like deciphering a massive puzzle that's written in a different language, where unknowns are slowly revealed over MONTHS. Mistakes are made before new, more accurate information comes to hand.

The storm rages on with increased violence.

Over many weeks of Melbourne Lockdown, the encouraging result of the decision to heave to become clear. We appear to be safe!

However, while the captain has been focused on our collective safety, and found a relatively safe place to drop anchor while the storm increases with violence overhead, a dangerous plot has been hatched.

A mutiny is planned.

Poisonous letters are distributed to tired & vulnerable passengers. The easily led, the confused, the overly trusting, are encouraged to defy the captain's orders.

Far from making these saboteurs walk the plank, the captain treats them with civility and patience. Questions: repetitive, distracting questions which are unhelpful to fellow passengers, and increase their fear and distress, are fired at the captain daily & for MONTHS.

Draining questions. Pointless questions. Gotcha Questions. Questions that distract, deflect, obstruct, undermine & confuse the messages of safety which bring security & the sense of  "We're in this together, We can do it!" 

The storm rages on.

Thousands upon thousands of deaths. Untold numbers of young and previously healthy young people with life changing health problems due to #LongCovid . Overwhelmed medical facilities. Bodies piled on decks waiting for burial. Families, watching, waiting, grief-struck.

Passengers on other ships look to our captain & the difficult decisions he's made with envy. Other captains look here for direction.

The storm increases with ferocity.

Far from making sure everyone is doing their bit to ensure survival & encouraging passengers to doing do their part for everyone's benefit, the mutineers continue to undermine with destructive glee.

They DEMAND that the captain resigns.

Our mutineers have no chart. No idea how to read the language of the storm. No experience with GLOBAL storms of this magnitude, which come with terrifying gusts, then appear to abate. (No experience either with landlubber Australian bushfires which this captain prepared for and steered us through, saving countless lives, stock & propertyThese hints of abating are presented with supreme confidence as "The threat is over! Heaving to and dropping anchor were an overreaction by an incompetent, wimpy captain."

'Weigh anchor NOW' the mutineers command. 'We've had enough. We want our old life back. Take us back to the past!' little realising, or not prepared to acknowledge, that the whole world has changed. The dusty old charts, preserving the structure & order of their privileged past are redundant.

Missives are printed, funded by a foreign media mogul who's been involved with the foundering of other notable ships & resulting in the installation of his preferred captain.

Yet reputable people are expressing increased concern about the impact such power & influence has on our countries, our communities, families and environment; about what we're encouraged to believe & what's ignored or dismissed:

Here, here and here and an excellent article from Independent Australia as well as James Murdoch speaking out against News Corp which former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd discusses in this 2 minute video here:


Yet midst the fear of the still frighteningly raging storm, our sorrow for what's been lost and fear of an unpredictable future, as well as anger at the mutineers, a tiny glimmer of light shines across the turbulent waters, there's something we CAN do. Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd explains some of the issues and why we need a #MurdochRoyalCommission 



Murdoch Royal Commission link: https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_sign?id=EN1938

Remember to look at the list of Independent Media and perhaps choose a couple to subscribe to and become familiar with Media Manipulation Tactics to cut through the bs.

The storm rages on, and our safety looks promising ...


(*disclaimer - Amelia is my daughter. I spent 10 years as a secondary school Career Counsellor and much of the rest of my working life in tertiary education and as a private career counsellor. I'm incredibly proud of her interviews & podcasts, not only from the professional aspect, but for the wealth of valuable career & life information they contain.) 

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

How does the media manipulate our views?

Media Manipulation Tactics.
Politicians and the media are trained to influence the way we think. This thread looks at how they do that.
Keep an eye out for when politicians, commentators and journalists use these manipulative tactics. We encourage you to post the relevant meme in the comments of the media post using a particular tactic.
Discussing media framing with your friends, family & community groups is a great way of refining your ability to identify when a politician or media outlet is pushing a particular narrative.

These tiles can be particularly useful to help our trusting friends, the gullible and easily influenced to be aware of tactics used to influence us all.

Our media is supposed to hold our politicians to account. But who holds the media to account?
We do.

Media Manipulation
Manufactured outrage

Media Manipulation
Tactical Framing
                                         How will a bill affect us?                                         
Who will be impacted? 
What are the consequences?

    Media Manipulation
Is one group ALWAYS right and another ALWAYS wrong?

                                                            Media Manipulation 
                                                    Slippery Slope
Who obstructs change? Why?
What's in it for them?

Media Manipulation
Fear Mongering

Fear is a powerful motivator
& can be used to inhibit change
(stay with the known, change is scary)

Media Manipulation
Democratic Symbolism

Lack of accountability
Who is held to account?
Who is presented as above reproach?
What happens when you look at different media?
(2019/20 Bushfires)

Media Manipulation
Attack the Messenger!

Avoiding the issue by deflection
or name calling

Media Manipulation
False Neutrality

Who is being interviewed?
What is their affiliation?
Are we informed?

Media manipulation
Leading Questions

Basically telling us what to think.
But sneakily ... of course
Is there any other way?

Media Manipulation

Watch out for pointless, repetitive questions
or statements
which have already been answered.

Media Manipulation

Occasionally of some human interest, but usually irrelevant.

Media Manipulation
The Middle Ground Fallacy

When "balance" is anything but.

Media manipulation
Democratic Backsliding

Chipping away bit by bit
and then ... kapowie

Media Manipulation

Distraction, irrelevancies & diversions
They're everywhere.

Media Manipulation
Alternative Narrative

Deliberately muddying the water
to create confusion, doubt & overload.

Media Manipulation
Security Theatre

Simplistic 'answers' to complex issues.
Slogans, sound bites & quick fixes.
"If it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true"


Workshop potential

These tiles would be excellent workshop material for groups such as Community groups, church groups, U3A, Knitting Nannas & interested in fairness, democracy, climate change, renewable energy, ethics. 

It's also an opportunity to discuss media concentration in Australia and how that affects what's reported, how it's reported, who's interviewed (or not) and what's missing. What are their links to the media outlet? Who benefits? Who is silenced? Why? How are photos cropped to frame perception?

Discussion points: Look at how the words in headlines are carefully selected to create an emotional response. This doesn't necessarily reflect the tone of the article but are chosen so that passers by will see them at supermarket checkouts, servos and in cafes. Drip feed negativity has an impact.

Independent media 

and media bias

Compare murdoch media coverage of the 2019/20 bushfires, with a variety of other reports. What's the same? What's different? When did it become the norm to undermine science? Who undermines? Who benefits? What is the result in our communities?

Spoiler. This article has a lot of the answers.

And there's this: 

Thanks to Access Disrupt for allowing me to share these informative tiles. 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/accessdisrupt/posts/130575525422675

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AccessDisrupt