Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've woken up this morning with my eyes puffy and sore; it looks like I'll need to try a new hay fever medication. I stopped taking horseradish and garlic last year when I got up to needing 15+ per day to stop the sneezing and itchiness. So I'm trying the pharmacy stuff, which so far had been pretty good. But today my left eye is horribly itchy and red and not focusing properly. Sigh. I figured that fresh flowers always lift my spirits so went out and cut some gorgeously fragrant roses all wet with the rain. Why do earwigs love getting between the petals? There's dozens of them scurrying around busily trying to hide from my flicking fingers, so I  tried to shake them off only to have the delicate petals cascade around me like the shredded paper waiting to be composted.  Sigh. Perhaps I'd better put the secateurs down before I drop them on my toes.  And why does spell check tell me I've spelt secateurs wrong? The only option it's giving me is sectors, and that's not what you cut rose stems with is it. In all, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. Quite grumpy in fact. And my tea went cold. Again. Sigh. I wonder if it's ok to microwave it for the third time?

Perhaps I'll take a photo of the roses and put it in here so it's in front of me. And no, I'm not going to be tempted to put them in the vase anywhere near my computer. Even though they'd smell beautiful. I can just see where that'd lead :(

Grumpy sigh.

Hmm, that was interesting.

This photo didn't do anything for me at all ....

But this one did.

By stepping back a bit and tweaking a couple of dust collectors, it worked :)

Good, strong symbols of challenges overcome. 

A small blue "Nessie" made by a cousin in Uig on the Isle of Skye: family difficulties faced squarely and courageously - yes that's encouraging.

A little bear from Berlin, doing a handstand - whimsical - fun. But also representing so much more - a country divided, reunited. Anguish and heartache. So much achieved, so much further to go - it can be done.

A small Asian figurine: Probably Japanese, but to me representing the courage of the Chinese populace struggling to achieve a greater level of transparency and democracy in their government. Huge challenges, chipping away, confronting massive obstacles, prepared to risk their own safety for the benefit of others.

The grasses: clifftop walks, (hay-fever free) - companionship and love.

Good stuff.

Interesting how my mood is lightening.

And lastly because I got sidetracked when I was uploading the photos: The Young Endeavour, recently moored off our local beach.
Teenagers and young adults overcoming fears, and really pushing themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Laughing, happy and so proud when we got chatting to them and offered to take a group photo. The Bay, tranquil, clear, ozone rich. I breathe deeply just looking at the photo.

Hmmm. In my grumpy state, I'd overlooked the power of Mindfulness Meditation in its various guises.

It's a good reminder to just stop and be. Breathe calmly, slowly and deeply.

My physical symptoms are the same, but my mood is so different.

Sigh of contentment :)



Liza said...

Oh beautiful roses...when ours have all gone to sleep for the year...

Liza said...

I am back again! I just read your comment on Middle blog. I had to go back and read that post from September 2009 that you commented seems so long ago and yet, I am still living the change, the evolution, the discovery process. I hope you keep reading. It makes me feel great that someone is catching up with me from the beginning. I know there is a story there...I like to think I could turn it into something lots more people would want to read. For now though, I keep plugging, and writing as I try to figure it all out. Wishing you the best Sue. Growing roses has significance in my life...your blog touched me today.

Helen Ginger said...

I definitely like the second picture of the roses more than the first. The first one was too close, too narrow, but then you "stepped back" and we see the whole picture and it draws us in.

I do hope you'll soon feel better.

sue said...

Liza - I'll certainly keep reading. I want to know what happens next! (and I love the photos of your garden, it's glorious) I'm convinced you have a story in there...thinking...have you considered speaking/workshop presentation at your equivalent of our Career Development Association? I believe it would be really beneficial for practitioners to hear your perspective. HR conference perhaps?

I suspect there's a book in there somewhere as well. Brainstorm outside the box - who would benefit from your experience? Love to hear from you (is my email findable?)

I find it hard to avoid the blogroll thing that alerts me to your next post. It's so hard not to peek ;)

Helen: thanks, I think the second allows some space to breathe! and I'm much better today thanks, lots of rain has dampened the pollens :)

Maybe, I need to think about your comment as if it related to blogging as well? I'm still finding my way with all this and don't have a clear direction yet.