Friday, July 29, 2011

Law of threes

You know how it is, something happens three times in a short space of time and your ears prick up; the rationale being that the universe is giving you a nudge and here’s something you should take seriously and act on.

But I’m not superstitious (hmmm, maybe just a bit) so perhaps that should be lore of threes?

However, to the point - last week I received:
1. an email from a loved and respected friend suggesting I join Twitter
2. information from a respected blog-buddy sharing information about Twitter as a support for your blog
3. and noticed that a number of non-loopy bloggers who had been sceptical about Twitter have joined and begun tweeting.
Crap. That’s all I need, another distraction.

Tweeting = Fear
So being me, I took notice of the lore of threes, dug out my Twitter account, dusted it off and promptly felt like a right prawn.

I don’t know how to Tweet, I don’t understand the etiquette, the language, the genre (?) in fact I don’t understand much about it at all. And I especially don’t like that prickly, unpleasant out of depth feeling that could be called fear. You know the one, where the tummy harbours energetic butterflies resulting in queasiness, the hands sweat and the brain goes blank. Nope, I don’t like that at all.

Rationality prevailed! (...possibly) This is my standard reaction to being out of my depth. It’ll pass sooner or later - best just to forge ahead.

I haven’t lost my marbles (I hope).
So far, I’m using Twitter as a personal reminder about the importance of regular exercise, general well-being, brain health and connecting with others. But in the spirit of giving this a fair go and not being totally self-centred, I aim to share links to information on bullying, mindfulness, well-being, education and brain health. But then again, that might not happen at all. Maybe I’ll hate it, get bored and give it away as the time waster that I labelled it years ago.

For the moment though, I'm diving into the unknown, full of curiosity.

Getting some exercise and looking for interesting things to share:
Searching, searching:
Ta daaa:



Anonymous said...

I'm still not on facebook or fear is that I will never leave my little cubby to see daylight. Keep us posted. no pun intended.

Cruella Collett said...

First things first: that is one ICKY and yet interesting whatever it is! Blue AND see-through? We don't have those creatures in Norway, methinks. In Japan, they probably eat it.

Second things secondly: twitter. Yeah. No. I don't know. It was a bit of a life-saver during the recent horrors here, as it frequently was the first place to find news. Then it was a comfort in the days thereafter, with all the pictures, impressions, beautiful words shared.

Now, though? I feel that whenever there isn't something huge happening, Twitter is more or less another time waste. It sucks me in. You CAN find delights and treats in between all the nonsense, but the nonsense is so much more noisy. Twitter is noisy. It makes my eyes wish they had an audio control button. If you're good at leaving out the noise, though, I can see how it's possible to find your "niche" in there. Certainly many good people around. Now that you have joined, there is one more :)

sue said...

Delores: Happy to keep you posted! These electronic gizmos are a trap aren't they, and it's so easy to be seduced into wasting vast tracts of time with no positive outcome. I'm not convinced that it'll be worthwhile, but we'll see.

Mari: The second photo right? We call them A Portuguese Man o' War. They're small (that's the biggest I've seen at about 7cm) and NASTY. That blue stringy tendril at the bottom of the photo is the stinging part, it's contracted significantly. Normally stretched out it's about a metre long. If you happened to get it wrapped around your neck you'd have serious trouble breathing (or maybe dead). Mostly though you come up in welts where it's brushed against you.

My daughter had jellyfish in China recently, (they described it as something that grows in the sea) and said it was crunchy and tasteless. Yuck. I doubt anyone would eat a ManOWar...but I'm prepared to be proven wrong...hmm, the Japanese eat some dangerous things though ... no, surely not?

"Yeah. No." That covers my thoughts about Twitter perfectly! Noisy, absolutely, and thankyou for the compliment, but I'm still VERY sceptical.

I had someone contact me super enthusiastic about the possibilities of Twitter for a micro business, offering courses and workshops (at a fee of course). Sadly the only person I could see who would benefit was him. But if it keeps me on track for exercising if only because I'd be mortified to be caught out slacking, then it'll have done its job.

Have a good weekend. I hope it's calm and full of love and healing.

Anonymous said...

We love going to the beach after a good storm. All kinds of crazy stuff ends up on the shore. Sometimes injured dolphins too. Poor little critters. I hate to see that.

sue said...

Stephen, I've never seen a dolphin washed up, that'd be distressing. I sometimes wonder if prehistoric people had time to enjoy the beach like we do, or if all their time was taken up finding food.

Sylvester said...

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