Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas treat.

I'm taking five to rest my aching feet. It's noisy with the grinding of the beans and the hiss of the coffee machines. But the aroma! Rich and heady in the thickness of the sticky humidity.

There's music in the background, I think, barely audible above the discordant clatter of cutlery and happy chatter. This is the best part of Christmas shopping, taking time out to check and update the list - twice if you must know!

I'll call it a successful three hours and retire from the frazzled hoards and tedious queues.
Two lovingly chosen gifts are ready to wrap.

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Michelle said...

Nice. I like the city at Christmas time. Didn't manage to go last year and looks like this year might be the same. The best part is the Carolers at Crown. You must see them if you are in the city again. The times are on Crowns web site. Well worth it.

sue said...

It has a great feel doesn't it, lots of fun. I didn't know about the Carolers, thanks for the tip.