Thursday, June 10, 2010

CDAA Workshop: 26. Gremlins

(This post forms part of a series of powerpoint slides from a presentation I gave at the Career Development Association of Australia Conference 2010 entitled: The Roller-coaster Ride from Permanent Part-time Employee to Private Practitioner.)

I'm pretty sure we've all experienced these haven't we. The sneaky little voice that undermines us so effectively and quickly.

We can begin the day with great will, determination, and enthusiasm. But way too often the gremlin will appear - niggling and questioning, carping and moaning about how difficult it all is. How we aren't good enough. How no one will use my expertise. How we're not as good as .... (insert name here).

I've been hugely reassured when a couple of high profile people, widely regarded as leaders in their field, and with enviable world wide reputations have expressed this same private doubt about their skills. One said he often begins consultations feeling "like a bit of a fraud", and wondering how it will all turn out. It has normalized this extremely uncomfortable experience, and made me realize that if people I respect feel this way, then it's OK.

It's a bit like when you're a mother of young children, and animal hour hits, or teething, or any number of other dreary events, and the mantra is: "This too shall pass". That's a pretty good mantra for anyone in the challenging start-up phase of business as well.

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