Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The demise of democracy?

East Side Gallery. Berlin 2009.
I wonder how many citizens of the US are aware of the deep concern many of us in the rest of the world have about what is happening in your country right now.

The passing by President Obama of the NDAA bill on New Year's Eve is truly frightening.

Are you aware that US citizens are able to be detained indefinitely without trial in their own country?

We know this happens in China, North Korea and other countries around the world. We see the fear and anguish of family and friends not knowing what has happened to their loved ones. They're not allowed to visit, they lose their rights - and they have no ability to speak out, to complain, to prove their innocence.

We get all self righteous and complain, often loudly, when innocent people are detained indefinitely in "other countries", we march, we write letters, we stick our noses in and agitate for change - for them to be more like us.

Is this the 'us' we want them to be more like?

This video is a mere 6 minutes. It's worth watching.

What would you want your loved ones to do if you were detained indefinitely without trial? Who would you turn to?

Wouldn't you wish they'd at least tried to have the bill removed? Wouldn't you want them to say "I did my best, I agitated, I wrote letters to the papers, I marched, I spoke out."

Is it better to speak out and fail than not to speak out at all?


Anonymous said...

What bothers me is that where the US goes we good little Canadians usually follow.

sue said...

We've got the same problem Delores. Our Prime Minister invited them to set up a military base here. Didn't ask us if we thought it was a good idea. She and Obama are so snuggly wuggly when they get together it's a real worry.