Friday, September 2, 2011

Illness strikes 'the Report'

Isn’t it frustrating when something goes wrong with Blogger. If you’re like me you fumble around trying to see if it’s something obvious, grumble a LOT, then in desperation head off to the Help Forum to see if others have had the same issue. More often than not, an unknown person, usually operating under a pseudonym, will take up your question and do their best to help us fix the problem.

Sometime last year, I was extremely frustrated by a Blogger issue that I knew would be obvious to someone in the know. So being the sort of person who insists that “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask” thought I’d better hightail it to the forum for help.

My confusion was sorted with the minimum of fuss.

It’s easy to forget that the help forum is “staffed” by real people who want to share their knowledge and contribute positively to the blogging community. They are unpaid, often unacknowledged, and, I suspect, rarely thanked.

One Blogger Help Forum bloke (who I’ve never met in person) has provided me with a great deal of technical support. the Report is peppered with outstanding Blogger information, good screenshots and explanations - that for the most part I can understand!

Unfortunately, Bob of the Report (and around 30 - yes you read that right, thirty - other blogs) has had an Ischemic stroke, and is pretty much out of action for the moment. I’m sure he’ll be working his guts out to overcome the problems he’s being faced with and will show the same focus on contributing to his own recovery as he’s shown in helping us overcome Bloggers irritating glitches.

Bob is very frustrated, not only by being unable to contribute on the Help Forum or write any posts, but because he can’t communicate as he’d like to. He hasn’t suffered any obvious paralysis, but finds typing excruciatingly slow and difficult. He has trouble interpreting words and his fingers simply won’t hit the keys he wants them to.

I’m sure that anybody who has dipped into Roberto’s Report or been helped by Bob on the Help Forum will agree that Bob has contributed significantly to easing the frustrations we experience with Blogger all too often. His help will be sorely missed, but he assures me he'll be back as soon as possible - "Good onya Bob!"

I just want to thank Bob for all his help. And so, Bob, thanks from me and from all the other people in blogland for sharing your expertise so generously. I'm sure we all wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Get well soon Bob, keep exercising, and look after yourself.



Michelle said...

Oh poor Bob I hope he recovers soon, that is really sad. It's people like him that have taught me all I know. I'm 'self taught' for my web design and relied very heavily on people more experienced in forums all the time early on and even now if I'm stuck on a frustrating thing that seems so simple so when in doubt I still ask in a forum.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. lovely post for Bob - he emailed me mentioning his challenge.

But this is a lovely post for someone who's been so generous with his time, and cares and is interested ..

You're so right special helpful people are hard to find .. my thoughts too are with Bob .. and if he's struggling with words and typing ..the computer (sadly)is not the place to be ..

With many thoughts to Bob .. and thank you so much for letting us know .. and I know you'll keep us informed ..

Cheers and big hugs to one and all - Hilary

Anonymous said...

While I have never read "the report" I'm sure that Bobs expertise has sorted me out in the past. I hope he recovers quickly and gets back to his passion in life.

Ann said...

I hope Bob feels better soon. Bloggers need him. Lovely post of thanks!

David L Macaulay said...

blimey - an Ischemic stroke doesn't sound like a lot of fun, Sue

Joyful said...

I've just "met" Bob on his blog and I'm real gratified to know what a help he's been to bloggers. I'm also happy to see you put your gratitude of his help in writing. That's really great and I'm sure it lifts his spirits at a time such as this. My thoughts and prayers are there for his quick recovery also.

sue said...

Ann, we bloggers certainly need help! So many changes to navigate.

David, so true David, Bob's coming on "slowly"

Joyful, I'm glad you've met Bob, he's been a great support to me with my Blogger challenges. I'll pass on your message. thankyou