Monday, March 21, 2011

Who me? Stylish?!

An award for my blog, wheee! Thanks Helen (Straight from Hel). I'm delighted, and will try not to let it go to my head!

It's a relief it's for my blog, not me, but horrors, does that mean that the pressure's on?

Now, let's see .... Oh dear there are rules, I'm not so good with them usually, but we'll see how I go this time.

Hmm: List 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to 7 others. Seems simple enough (now I've worked out how to copy and paste the award!)

*finds pencil, starts chewing it, wanders around the house procrastinating, gets in the washing from the line before the night air begins to settle, has a cup mug of tea, folds washing, pours a beer, thinks about dinner, pours another beer, gets dinner, greets son who has come home to visit...*

Um, maybe this isn't so easy...

finally knuckles down...

1.  My parents built their house; materials were rationed after the war, and it took years for them to finish it. The plans for the house came from USA and it was called a California Bungalow.

2.  I cycled to school on a 'girls bike' which didn't have gears but did have a back pedal brake. I reckon in an emergency I would automatically try to push backwards on the pedals of my current modern bike.

3.  I've trekked close to Kali Patar near the base of Mt Everest. I suffered from altitude sickness, so couldn't get to base camp.

4.  I get vertigo snorkelling in deep water.

5.  I over-think things.

6.  I still love getting the (snail) mail in.

7.  Sometimes I can't spell for nuts.

Now, 7 recipients! Drum roll please ......

1. Brits in the USA - I get a lot of pleasure from David's writing, his preparedness to tackle tough issues, his photos and wicked sense of humour.
2. Boonie's Thailand Photos - Boonie's photos, commentary, wit and wisdom bring lightness into my life.
3. Shaking the Tree - Miss Becky takes beautiful photographs and makes perceptive observations about her photos and life.
4. Life's a Poodle - The creators of this blog are champions for children who learn differently. How stylish is that!
5. The Giraffability of Digressions - The first blog I ever followed. Cruella was introduced to me by the brilliant Australian comedian Adam Hills when he proudly mentioned her in a show as his 'Norwegian stalker'. Thankyou Adam!
6. Coffee Rings Everywhere - stylish photos, brilliant Drabbles. Rayna inspired me to try my hand at Drabbling. It's addictive!
7. Middle Passages - I came across Liza's blog late last year and read it from the beginning. Beautifully crafted insight into the life of someone who was made redundant. Complete with very stylish photos.

That was harder than I thought, all the blogs I read are stylish, and I found I wanted to share with everyone... ah well, next time!

*I'm going to digress now. Has any one else ever gone into a slightly negative state when something positive like this happens? I've been known to react with "oh they were just being nice, I'm not doing anything as good as ... (insert title of blog you think is really cool here)"? I found the same thing happened when The Burrow included some of my drabbles in their Valentine Calendar. I thought "it's only because no one else entered the competition". My mother would have said it's false pride, but I'm not so sure, I genuinely find it hard to assess what I'm doing. I often ask: Am I articulating clearly, is it garbled, am I being too long winded, how can I improve, things like that....See 5 above: I over-think things!



David L Macaulay said...

thanks so much for the award Sue. And I'd also agree with many of the other on there that I'm familiar with. Have a great week. David

Boonie S said...

Thank you for this most flattering award. It's the first compliment I've received since a maths teacher told me that my graph was nicely drawn, many many years ago - in the days when Windows Operating System was just a twinkle in Bill Gates eye.

Re Your Question: I always think that whatever I do is valueless and insignificant, and I've lost count of how many times I've been proved right. Of course, every once in a blue moon I'm given reason to question that generalisation, and such moments are very sweet indeed.

Thanks for a lovely blog.
Thanks again for this lovely award.
Thanks for being a very lovely online friend.

Have a good week, Boonie

Cruella Collett said...

Sue, thank you so much for thinking of me, and for your kind words. I will forever be proud to be Adam's Norwegian stalker!

As for the feeling you're digressing about (digressions will always earn my approval, of course), I know exactly what you mean. It seems that you - like myself and many others I know - suffer from what I like to call "good girl syndrome". One of the classic symptoms is that we never feel completely satisfied with our own efforts, and thus we find it hard to receive praise, even when it is deserved. It's taken me years to learn how to accept a compliment with "thank you" rather than "this old thing? Nah...".

And for the record - the Burrow got a chance to pick from the top shelf for the Valentine feature, and you were it. We're very proud to have you on board!

Liza said...

Thank you Sue! I am honored with the award, but more honored that you read Middle Passages from the beginning. It makes me feel that somehow, I have been able to tell a story. As for the challenging thoughts; they are not fun, but I do think criticism of ourselves helps us to work harder.

two birds said...

congrats! what fun facts about yourself...some pretty amazing stuff! great post!

sue said...

thankyou everyone for your very thoughtful replies. It's very reassuring to know I'm 'normal'.
David, you too!
Boonie, there must be a blue moon often.
Thankyou Mari, I'm honoured to have been included, and comforted by your comments.
Liza, I found your story not only well written, but fascinating. To hear it from the other side of the fence was a privilege.
Twobirds, thankyou, I had a fun trip down memory lane thinking about what to include.

Sheila Deeth said...

Isn't it a pain when the pencils are plastic. Just so much less interesting to chew on.

Congratulations on being stylish

sue said...

Sheila, hehehe, yes! Very well observed, and thankyou for the congrats.