Friday, March 4, 2011

Career teachers, schools and students

I’m sad (there’s an understatement!) when working with a young person who has accepted the criticism from influential adults that they’re a failure, when at 20 years old they don’t know what they want to do for the rest of their life! I’m angry to discover their school careers teachers were untrained, disinterested, had been co-opted into the role as a temporary measure because no one else was available.

Change is happening at a frenetic pace. We don’t know what jobs will be created in the next 5 years. Students who are unsure are not ‘failures', simply reflecting our world.


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Liza said...

Too right!

Boonie S said...

I couldn't agree more. My early life was blighted by uncaring family and a few wickedly cruel school teachers (BTW, I was raised in Europe). It saddens me too to know that the abuse that I endured still prevails today. When will we ever learn? - (hey, that last sentence would make a catchy hook in a folk song don't you think.....). But seriously, I agree absolutely with the sentiment of your post.

Have a nice day, Boonie

sue said...

Liza, thanks for visiting. Have a lovely week.
Boonie, *sigh* I just don't understand teachers mocking students, I don't understand why governments don't fund schools properly and create rich learning environments with well educated teaching staff, I don't understand why parents aren't provided with some training in how to raise children, and why aren't they adequately supported when they're not coping?
But with all these systemic failings, you seem to have turned out ok...? (hehe, you've got a wicked sense of humour which provides many of your readers with warmth that we cherish)
I can only hope that the kids who suffer now have the resilience to cope with the huge challenges they will face over the next decade or so.
Thankyou for dropping by, may you and Mrs S have a wonderful snake free week, crooning old songs to each other in a folksy way.

Boonie S said...

Thanks for your lovely reply