Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time. On over committing yourself!

I'm going to take a bloggy break (except for the 24th for a Drabble posting) until somewhere around the 10th January. I've managed to overload myself with work, and something has to give.

There was a booklet to be done, the first draft to be submitted on the 4th of Jan, and I said I'd do it ... foolishly I now think ... but it's an interesting experience and I'm learning a lot. But unfortunately along with this, my creativity seems to have disappeared. Working on the 'How To' of resumes, job hunting and interview skills seems to have clogged my brain.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Stop stressing, you can do it, really, just slow down, and take one tiny baby step at a time, don't look at the whole thing at once, it's too daunting....aaargh. Funny business, taking my own medicine!

Working with two screens really helps, but one always needs a treat when it gets too tedious.  The Burrow Advent Calendar is good for a bit of distraction.

Below is my attempt at a Story Board. I think that's how it's done, but never mind if not, it's working for me and it's a good feeling to cross off the segments as I work through do them.

The knitting looks very out of place, but there's logic there! I'd recently decided to teach myself to knit socks 'in the round' which is not only interesting (I've never knitted socks before) but it gives my brain a break from the strain of remaining focused and staring at the screen. Knitting is tactile and soothing, especially as the yarn is a mix of alpaca, merino and silk.

The memory stick is kind of obvious, I just need to remember to back everything up. It's one of those things it's so easy to tell students, but to forget yourself. For me, it's sometimes been a case of "do as I say, don't do as I do", but this project is far too important to lose!

The voucher is a reminder that, yes, it's worth it, and I will be paid when the booklet is complete. Hooray!

This booklet for migrant students has to be finished by early January and I'll need to use all my time management skills to get it done. It's important to me to complete the job well, not only for my own feeling of pride, but to help students who are new to the country and who are bewildered by workplace expectations and the local idiom. If I can help them ease their way into the local employment scene and achieve their goals of becoming valuable and valued community members, that's rewarding!

And I can do it as long as I take one step at a time and don't panic.

See how much is crossed off?

That's not so bad is it?

I'd like to wish everyone who visits a wonderful, relaxing,  and happy 
Christmas & New Year season.
(or if it's not your tradition, take care till I see you next year)


Michelle said...

ack nothing worse than creativity that's gone a-wall. You'll romp it in I'm sure .. almost there. Head down bum up and it'll be done in no time ;-) (yeah easy for me to say!)
Have a great Chrissy :-))

sue said...

It's back!

Though it's probably dangerous to say that (tempting fate and all that kind of stuff), but I'm FREE, and loving it!