Friday, December 24, 2010

Drabble Dare #11. Image #1: "Pole Star".

Here's my contribution in response to Drabble Dare #11: "December" Theme hosted by Burrowers Books & Bladerdash.  Photo #1: "Pole Star".  I'm honoured that it was considered good enough to be included in their Advent Calendar for Dec 24th. The competition results are available here.

The complete 2010 Advent Calendar is at The Burrow.

(If you're after some Christmas cheer, put off reading this 'till another time.)


The world is dying, slowly, painfully,

Greed, corruption, power, but they won't take action - desperately needed.

I rage against our passing.

It is so final, irreversible.

We go, taking others with us.

They say cockroaches will remain, and ants,
but not much more.

The depth of our stupidity is numbing.

Step by step,
individual insignificant decisions,
seemed minor in the scheme of things; but not so. Each weighing more heavily on
our exquisite abused planet.

Our time is running out.

Can we take action?  Can we change?

Mostly I despair

It is.  It will be.  The stars our only witness.


A Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more. No less.



Boonie S said...

Cheery? No. But honest and perceptive? Yes.

I'm optimistic, outgoing, friendly, and sympathetic, as I suspect you are too. But even so I have little respect for my fellow man (and woman). Greed and selfishness seem to be inherent human qualities, much to our shame.

But out of the despair I say "Happy New Year to you!" my on line friend.
Have a good one, Boonie

sue said...

Thanks Boonie, I feel strangely comforted by your comments. I feel like I'm all the things you mention which are simultaneously at odds with my negative comments.Hmmm.
And a HNY to you and Mrs S!