Friday, August 13, 2010

Sport. It just isn't fair.

I'd just like to put a stop to the rumour that all Victorians are sports mad.

We're not.

Categorically, emphatically, not.

I come from a long line of healthy, happy, well adjusted, (well we think so anyway) non sport loving people.

But there are occasions when I almost wish I had a basic understanding of things related to sport. Almost is the crucial word here. You see, everyone assumes that Victorians are passionate about AFL (AKA footy) for starters, and love a variety of other sports ranging from soccer and cricket, to rugby, tennis and netball, in fact pretty much any sport particularly of a team nature.

I've tried to enjoy them, I really have, but it just doesn't work.


Sadly it kind of kills the conversation when the confession is apologetically uttered. It comes across as being unVictorian, and possibly even unAustralian, of letting the side down.

But it doesn't mean we are ill. Or to be shunned. Or destined for the white jacket with arms that tie behind the back.

We simply don't relate to sporty events.

But I don't think I'm on a winning streak with my disinterest in sport. So I sometimes feign interest, and make inane comments. I confess I'm grateful to the 'IT Crowd' episode where Moss and Roy bluff their way through a conversation at a pub pretending to be "real men". It gave me a few clues and useful phrases that work quite successfully with taxi drivers :)

Thanks guys!


Boonsong said...

I enjoyed this. Thanks for a very amusing post.

All the best, Boonsong

Debs said...

I'm very unsporty too and have a friend who is constantly going to the gym, bootcamps and various other athletic activities and every so often she attempts to get me to join her. It never works.

sue said...

Boonsong, thanks for the compliment. "amusing" isn't a work usually associate with me ;)

Debs, and isn't it interesting how they seem to think our life would be improved if only we became athletic.