Thursday, April 29, 2010

CDAA Workshop: 6-8. The tyranny of 'ungreen' traffic

(This post forms part of a series of powerpoint slides from a presentation I gave at the Career Development Association of Australia Conference 2010 entitled: The Roller-coaster Ride from Permanent Part-time Employee to Private Practitioner.)

The theme of the 2010 conference is "Greening Career Development". I'd been getting more concerned about the environment, and wanted to have a smaller fuel consumption 'footprint' . Driving 100 km per day, an hour each way to and from work in heavy peak hour traffic wasn't sitting well with my philosophy of "living green".

My issues with traffic began to get the better of me. Too many accidents, constant road works, driving home in the dark on wet, miserable roads in winter with kamikaze trucks looming beside and behind me were a constant stress.

It was time for a major change in my life.

Alongside what I believed was a crazy amount of time driving, was the frustration of working across 4 campuses over 3 days.

I was heartily sick of living out of the boot of my car. Never able to confidently know that the paperwork or files I would need were on hand. But also knowing that it was considered inappropriate to carry confidential client files in a private vehicle. It did seem a bit of a double bind. Added to this was the seemingly insignificant issue of never being able to leave personal things, such as my tea mug, at the office. Anyone who has worked like this will understand.

It was time to move on.

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