Who consults career development & life coaches?

Ordinary people. Students, mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas, employed and under-employed people, people whose families have lived here for many generations and new arrivals.

Why do “ordinary people” invest in Career & Life Coaching?

Our lives often seem chaotic and change can be uncomfortably stressful. Having impartial and unbiased support can help ease the rocky transition phase.

Clients may be about to ...
  • Return to study Challenge any fears and self-limiting beliefs in a supportive environment. Particularly useful for those whose schooling was unsatisfactory or tumultuous.
  • Choose a tertiary institution and course for study I assist you to navigate the maze, prioritise your options and prepare your application.
  • Make the transition into the paid workforce Do you need help with resume preparation, cover letters and addressing key selection criteria? Useful for students exiting the education system as well as stay at home mums exploring their options after homemaking.
  • Work fewer days in preparation for retirement In an ideal world you'll prepare for this major transition up to 5 years ahead. How will you fill in the time? It's a great time to reassess your dreams, values and goals.
  • Enter the workforce after a long break Practical, non-threatening interview skills coaching.
  • Have you considered Assessing your Informal Learning? Most people have more solid skills to offer than they realised - this is a great boost to self esteem
  • I teach you how to use employment web sites to get more information than simply what jobs are being advertised. 
  • You may be confused about your direction and want some clarity in your decision making
Have experienced bullying at work?  Learn new communication patterns and behaviours and practice them until they become familiar.