Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Workplace distractions

Normally I'm able to concentrate on my clients extremely well, but usually I'm working in surrounds conducive to sustained focus. A quiet, non-distracting environment works well, my clients get my undivided attention. It enables them to also focus deeply which they find empowering, they are able to think deeply about their responses to situations, questions and to explore their values in a supportive, calm environment.

Occasionally, however, I have a client who asks if we can meet in a cafe rather than in my office. It's not usual, but I try to accomodate when it's appropriate.

Recently, at a beachside cafe, open to the elements, with a beautiful outlook over Port Phillip Bay and a gentle breeze playing idly about the patrons I was distracted to the point of apologetically reaching for my phone to capture this cheeky visitor.

He'd been hopping about, getting more and more insistent that we share some crumbs with him. I know it's unhealthy for birds to share our food as they're not designed to eat processed flour, but I really didn't believe he'd be game enough to hop so close.

I was wrong.

The cards we were working with are the Knowdell Values cards which are a useful tool for clarifying values and lead to deeper exploration about what makes your work-life meaningful.



Manzanita said...

Ha ha... very good Sue. He probably just wanted to get a peek at the menu to see what they were serving for dinner.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. were you able to use Mrs Bird's authoritative air to help your client - were they distracted from your words per Mrs Bird - I'm just amazed at how quickly they learn.

How was the meeting - better or worse for being outside .. or did you satisfy your client's needs ... difficult concentrate at times - let alone Mrs Bird's demands ..

You're obviously safe from fires and floods I'm pleased to see ..

Cheers Hilary

sue said...

Hi Manzanita! I think the bird will have learnt to read by now and will point his beak at the meal he wants ;-)

Hi Hilary! It's very rare I do this, and only for people I either know already or who are very flexible. We got a lot done though, and it was a positive experience for all!

We've had a bit of smoke haze, not helped by someone deliberately lighting a fire not too far away.

Re the floods, it's devastating. Roads completely washed away, houses washed away, communities completely isolated, crops and animals perished. The sheer scale of the damage is hard to comprehend. Far too many people had only just begun to get back on their feet after the last floods so it's going to be extremely challenging.

thanks for visiting :)