Thursday, July 12, 2012

YAAAY!! I've inherited some money!!!!!

Not just some money, but EUR 8,650,000.00 or in case I don't understand the figures that's Eight Million, Six Hundred & Fifty Thousand Euros Only! (Note the caps and bold!!) What a kind lawyer to tell me in  figures and words how much I've inherited and all I have to do is give him my banking details. Too easy!

Happy dance! I'm rich! Wheeeeeeeee :D

Not so fast you say? But surely this is all legit. I mean, this very official, personalised letter arrived by snail mail with a real stamp! All the way from Portugal to Australia. (Nods head very wisely - that makes it super important - I know about these things - it's very different to the phone, email, or mobile phone scams - isn't it. Nod, nod, nod.)  It's possible I had relatives there. Poor things to have died in a car Accident so far from home. (Oh gosh another random capital letter.)

Look, 100% risk free! Yippee doo!

But what's this ... I don't like this bit half way down the last paragraph. Bar. Gordon C. Clemenza wants to share MY inheritance 50% for him and 50% for me. That doesn't seem right. They were my relatives!

Do you think his name really is Barrister? Anyhow, Barrister Gordon C. Clemenza has asked me to "be kind", and I am. I'm very kindly sharing this scam in the hope that it reminds people to be wary and never give banking details to anyone even if someone says they're from your bank or even if it appears to be from a marginally respectable sounding possible lawyer type person.



Ian Travers said...

A very good website to check any 'offers' you receive against is:

sue said...

an excellent reminder thanks!

David Macaulay said...

lol a member of the Burkino Faso royal family is about to give me $8 million - yay

sue said...

David, you are now officially my bestest friend in the whole world ;-) 'cos we all know that the money will go into your account; no problems!