Monday, February 20, 2012

Hyperlink signature for the A-Z Blogging Challenge

Non technical, non threatening instructions for making a hyperlink signature in Blogger!

Why do you want a hyperlink signature?
• You've signed up for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge
• You plan to comment on other bloggers posts in a caring and sharing way after The Challenge has finished
• You hope the person for whom you crafted a kindly word, will come to visit your blog in return
• You want to make it easy to visit your blog. You don't want them to have go to your profile page, scroll down, find you have 3 or even 8 blogs, and wonder which one to look at first
• Sadly, people give up in frustration if it's not easy to work out which is the relevant blog
• The nifty signature will take them to the specific blog (or post) you'd like them to visit. Easy!

How to do it:
The letters and symbols below are what the computer needs to navigate to your blog or post, (and you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a blog title that hadn't been taken!) I've colour coded it for ease, normally it's all in black, and appears more or less in one line. It's only broken up like this because I put it on a powerpoint slide so you can see it. (Otherwise it goes straight into a hyperlink signature which wouldn't help you at all.)
All you do is copy those letters and symbols out - the whole lot up there, exactly the same (but of course with your personal, relevant information) - including the space after the a  Don't add anything else. Now, save it into a Word document or equivalent. Some people keep it on their desktop where they can copy/paste from it easily.

Next. Where it's red is where you put your blog address (what you originally called your blog - if you can't remember click on the title of your blog in the address bar at the top of your blog.) But of course you do it in black, not red.

Now choose your signature. Are you going to use your real name, the name of your blog, a nom de plume or what? Type that in where I've used blue. That will become your hyperlink or 'clicky' signature, and is what I should see in the comments section when you copy/paste from your saved word document.

That's all! It should work.

Please, please, please, feel free to give it a go here. I was nervous the first time I tried it in public, thinking I'd stuff it up (which I did at least 4 million times before I got it right). I won't roll my eyes if you get it wrong...honest! Please ask for help if you get stuck I can usually help via email.

If my fictitious Ruby really did have a Machinima blog, this is what she'd be working on. I'm envious!


Anonymous said...

well, lets see if it works:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


let's see what this can do for us

Anonymous said...

OOOOOh it worked what did you do that was different from what I did?

sue said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
I'm so excited!!!! It's always a real thrill when everything works out as it should :)

Not sure what I did - sorry to be unhelpful with that, but it's all a foreign language to me too. I'm not technical, but who cares, it worked!! Perhaps I should edit and say email support is available - with a smile (as long as it's not too hot - I'm going to have to log off very soon - I could fry an egg on my laptop)

Have a lovely weekend Delores - and now you can tinker with how you sign off and what you want to appear there.

Jean said...

Thanks--you rock! great blog too!

jean--well it pwrked when I used it as my signature on an email! Ah well! Thank you anyway! jean :)

sue said...

Hi Jean, did you get it sorted? Please feel free to keep trying here till it works! I an email if you like and see if we can win that way :)

OT Ebby said...

Testing hyperlink signature!


sue said...

OT Ebby - congratulations! it worked!!!!