Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Best Moments for Women In 2011"

Midst all the corruption, ineptitude and obscene financial rewards to executives who've overseen poorly managed companies, and temporarily ignoring the appalling incompetence at government levels on addressing our collective sustainable futures, it's great to focus on something positive!

On Jan 5th 2012 The Huffington Post presented a selection of 50+ significant women who made great contributions during 2011 in areas as diverse as comedy, science, film, politics, sex and sexuality, business, religion and writing, here.

Playing the automated slide show doesn't take long, however I found it more interesting to tap through manually so I could pause and absorb the information about each of the women and why they were significant. The next phase is to watch all the videos!
How do you sum up what this year meant for women? It's easy to think only of what needs to change and hasn't, or of the really awful things that are being done to women around the world -- this minute, in fact.
But plenty of things happened for women this year that are worth celebrating, too. Here are the 50 moments in 2011 that struck us as particularly important or astonishing or lovely. They include wins, memes, athletics, an inauguration, a birth, songs, dances, books, movies, speeches, and feats of precociousness. You probably won't agree with all of our choices -- so tell us in comments what we left out.
And whenever you need to be reminded what good company women are in, we hope you'll return to this list. While 2011 wasn't perfect, it certainly had its moments.
PHOTOS/VIDEOS: The 50 Best Moments For Women In 2011
As you click through, make sure you stop to watch the little girl annoyed at pink toy aisles for girls. I love that her dad listened and explored the issue with her.

Because I seem unable to embed the slide show, I'll whet your appetite with one of Huffpost's selections: how women are perceived in the media.
Jennifer Siebel Newsom's documentary makes everyone who's thinks they've heard it before refocus on how badly the media depicts women -- and how we can change that. 


Anonymous said...

The folks always told me I could be whatever I wanted and I in turn told my daughter that. It has to start in the home with both parents affirming to their children that anything is possible.

sue said...

Delores, I wonder what could be achieved if only all parents thought like that and the education system and business supported it wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

The media will do whatever it takes to gain followers and make money. Thanks for helping bring clarification to the wonderful gift god has given men: women.

sue said...

Hi Stephen, good to see you! I find myself getting very cynical about the media/governments/big business and money - however your next comment brought a smile to my face - thankyou!!!