Monday, December 5, 2011

The pain of bullying up close

I've written and deleted, and written and deleted, but my words aren't adequate, so I'll take away my megaphone and soapbox and go and calm down.

What would you say to Jonah?
What would he hear?
What would you say to the perpetrators and onlookers?
What would they hear?
What would you say to the adults around?
What would they hear?
Can any words help?


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have no clue what to say to this young man or the people who are harassing him....I just don't understand the mindset these days...why are kids doing this? said...

It's heartbreaking but hopeful to see his reserve at the end. No, I don't think there are magic words. I wouldn't say anything. I'd just want to hold him and cry with him.


Helen Ginger said...

I was crying before he was. I wanted to hug him and tell him he would survive this. He is strong. And I have a feeling that people at school will see this and rally around him. I hope when he started school that year, a group of students gathered by his side and walked into school with him.

sue said...

Delores, it's a sad time for many kids at school. I'd love to see all schools receive funding to put in effective anti bullying programmes that embrace the whole community. The ripple of effect would be huge.

Robyn, agreed!

Helen, yes, but it's so sad that so many kids survive, and don't have the opportunity to thrive at school. Oh for that dream to come true!