Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas questions

Are you galloping towards a frenetic bout of over-consumption this Christmas season?

Are your purchases something you've thoughtfully and consciously chosen or are you buying as a habit or  in response to the powerful advertising machine and their clever manipulation?

Is the "stuff" you're being encouraged to purchase worthy of your hard earned wage?


Liza said...

When our oven died two weeks before hosting 29 for our American Thanksgiving, we purchased a new one. That was our Christmas present, so this year, we are sitting back and relaxing. It feels good.

Pearl said...

I have not even begun the shopping. HOWEVER, the house is decorated, the kitties have made a home in the tree, and so far I've managed not to eat myself into the next pants' size.

So far, so good!


sue said...

Liza, a dead oven would certainly be a challenge just before entertaining and what a lovely gift to yourselves and your guests! I wonder if you'll put a bow on it for Christmas morning and make something special for breakfast...

Pearl, thanks for dropping by and commenting. It sounds good to be away from the shops if it's anything like near where I live. Decorations!! - oh my goodness, I totally forgot about them, and we're having the extended family coming - better get them up. Christmas food is so scrumptious isn't it, I'm going to get back to my 5 mins of exercise twice a day to try to keep some sort of balance.