Friday, February 25, 2011

The misfit

Kids at school laughed at me with derision
Called me weird
A no hoper
A loser

Socially inept, I kept to myself, content and apart, not comprehending their need for togetherness. Touching made me withdraw physically, left me cold and shrinking from the grasp. It felt distasteful, alien, intrusive.

I enjoy numbers and graphs, their lack of ambiguity. Working alone using logic clean and clear is safe. This graph, showing heart rate and age, the result of time well spent.
I’m working on an iPad app for it next.

Those same kids will use it; they won’t laugh this time.

Terry J. DuBose
from Wikipedia Commons

A Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more, no less.

This Drabble first appeared in  The Burrow Valentine's Feature 2011, hosted by Burrowers, Books & Bladerdash. Thanks for hosting.

Just to clarify, this Drabble doesn't refer to me. I was inspired by observing the difficulties many young people experience in school.


Helen Ginger said...

I think it would be good for young people to read this. It shows them that a teacher hears them.

sue said...

Thanks Helen, a lot of children have such a tough time at school, and their parents suffer too.

Vernz said...

HI sue, you're a teacher too? glad to meet you here.. thanks for dropping by ... Indeed kids have to read this...all the best..

sue said...

Vernz, well, more an ex teacher really, but as they say, once a teacher always a teacher. I'm enjoying life outside the classroom, but can't seem to avoid the teacher hat!