Monday, January 10, 2011

How to find the Email Notification Form for comments

There are three versions of the one form!

The 'cut to the chase' explanation:

You go to "Settings" then "Comments" then scroll down to "Comment form placement", click the one you want - then scroll to the very bottom to "SAVE".

It's as easy as that!

That little tick-a-box is not just about the placement of the form, but how it appears.

If this is what you're searching for but want more detail, read on.

It's already there (sort of)

Last month I posted a question on the Blogger forum asking something along the lines of "Where do you find the email follow up form?"  I'd read the answers to similar questions, but they weren't what I was looking for.  It's hard to describe when you don't know the correct terminology.  Roberto finally managed to help a bit, then a friend pointed out that what I was looking for was already in my blog. It just looked different.

I had felt like a bit of a git and was embarrassed to publicly acknowledge my incompetence. However, given the number of people who stumbled on my original post on this topic, I know I'm not alone. 

Below, you'll find screen shots of two versions to save you going through and checking each one out. I didn't bother with the full page one, its just a full page of the "pop-up" style.

Each form basically does the same thing. The one that appeared when I started my blog is called the 'embedded version', and is possibly the default.

How to choose? 

The embedded is supposedly more aesthetically pleasing, but always sits at the bottom of the post. So if you get lots of comments where people will want to refer to your post and perhaps quote you and make specific comments, the "pop-up" or floating one is easier for them. They can then click and drag it next to the words they want to refer to, and scroll up and down within the post, and the comment form stays where they want. (I hope that's clearer than mud?)


Here's where you find the Comment Form Placement.

Pop-up Comment Form

Here's what  "Pop-up window" looks like at the bottom of a blog post.  Any person who wants to say kind things clicks on "comments", and then sees the 'floating' version of the comment box like at the top of this post, ie the one I was expecting to see all along.

 Embedded Comment Form

Here is the "embedded" one, the one that is possibly the default. For someone to comment on your brilliant post, they click on "comments"...

And this is the comment box that appears for the embedded version.

For someone to get emails to see what others have said, or to receive your comment on their comment, they click on the words: "Subscribe by email". That's when they will probably get that word verification thing that you will have selected to try to prevent the scourge of crappy spam. (But which must be a pain in the butt for people with visual difficulties).

Oh, and if anyone is curious, to insert the screen shots, I used "Grab" then saved the selected part of the screen as a JPEG - because the TIFF one doesn't work (which I forgot when I saved them...grrr).

For helpful Blogger answers check out Roberto. You might find the answer to your question already there.

I wonder what questions others are embarrassed to ask, or can't find the words to express...


Roberto said...

Thank you for the link, Sue.
I like your blog. Glad to see a fellow Aussie getting into it.
I might also suggest your readers find my friend, Chuck's... "The Real Blogger Status" blog, a great help - for most blogging enquiry. The URL for it is displayed on my blog.

Looking forward to more of your work. I've 'Followed' you.

sue said...

Roberto, I'm honoured. Thankyou so much for the compliment. I'll check you both out with my next round of queries.

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sue said...

cau, thanks for dropping by, hope to see you back another day.