Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Dared to Drabble for December

Last month (November) I entered a competition.

I'm not usually big on entering competitions, after all I never win, and it mostly seems waste of time. However this was one devised by Burrowers, Books & Balderdash who've introduced me to the beguiling art of Drabbling. I was delighted by their Drabbles, but also intimidated by the well crafted beauty of the pieces.

A Drabble is a story written in 100 words, no more, no less, (they're very strict about this) and since I was introduced to them earlier this year, I've been smitten. The process appeals to me. I like tinkering with words but tend to go on a bit, and this forces me to find better, briefer combinations of words. The challenge was to explore if I could produce something reasonably interesting in this condensed form.

I was nervous entering their December 'Dare', after all I felt like I was 'playing with the big boys' and well out of my depth. I thought I'd be scoffed at, not publicly (they're not like that) but, well, these people and their contributors are GOOD, and I'm in awe of them.

But I did it, I wrote, edited, surprised myself, clicked on 'send', felt sick, wished I could unsend, waited nervously, and I WON!!!!

Really! Two of the pieces I wrote were considered good enough to be part of the Advent Calendar that you'll find over at The Burrow.

To say I'm delighted is an understatement, but mostly I'm honoured that the judges considered that my Drabbles wouldn't tarnish the quality of their December contributions.

I'm not going to include my pieces here, because that wouldn't be in the spirit of an Advent Calendar. You'll have to pop over there and open the little boxes on the correct dates (remember it'll be a bit later than here due to the time difference) and wait for mine to appear on the 7th and 24th. The contents are far better than chocolate.


You'll find my response on the December 4th picture of Ice Sculptures here.



Michelle said...

Well done Sue! Congratulations, I'm enjoying your drabbles. I actually saw a swarm the other day!!!. I've just realised it now though (duh) after reading a news article online tonight about swarm sightings here and earlier in the week I was watching what looked like rain in the distance (you know how you see that sometimes?) but the way it was moving was weird and not like rain at all, it was in a pattern. There seemed to be 3 distinct patterns going on.

sue said...

Oh my goodness, really! I've never seen one, though it sounds like it can be really frightening if it's dense and you have to pull over till they've passed and you can see again. And they can clog up the engine if you drive through a smaller group. I guess it'll be our turn soon.

It sounds like you didn't get a photo...sounds like it would have been beautiful in a destructive kind of way.

Thanks so much for the congratulations.