Thursday, July 15, 2010

TWiaAP - Norwegians in Australia

Pronunciation: tee wap

aka: The World is an Amazing Place

What word do you have for those random events that sometimes take your breath away? Not quite the Black Swan variety (that term is deservedly reserved for the more catastrophic event), but the "golly gosh, how did that happen?" garden variety, double take.

Here I am in my somewhat chilly kitchen, (the warmth from the wood heater hasn't spread this far yet) idly preparing dinner for my house guests who will descend ravenous, cold and soggy later in the evening.

What harm can there be to have a peek (a nano peek really - I promise!) to see what is happening out there in the electronic world, the blogosphere and cyberspace?!

The bald facts are as follows: Earlier this year, hubby and I went to see a fantastic amazingly uplifting "feel good" local comedian - Adam Hills. It was an unusual interactive performance, with mobile phones, tweeting, phone photos/videoing and the audience all getting a guernsey. After each show, Adam would blog about the event.

Now, as you know, I'm new to all this electronic media stuff, but I rashly decided to have a look at his blog, and possibly even more foolishly found the courage to comment. (more on this in a couple of days). Lo and behold, there I found a link to a Norwegian blog, the writer being an enthusiastic fan of Adam.

Next little factoid: My daughter has spent time in Northern Norway, (Andoya) and is rather partial to things Norwegian. So, being a "good mum" I had a look at this blog "The Giraffability of Digression" with the view of showing daughter that I'm not a total dinosaur when it comes to these things.

What a delight! This is not the navel gazing or self flagellation that I'd been warned to expect. But witty, charming and enticing, and with equally delightful links elsewhere.

Worlds within Worlds.

A further factoid. (it's ok, dinner is cooking merrily, so I feel justified in typing) Our current houseguest is (and this is where the expression TWiaAP comes in) ... Norwegian. I couldn't resist sharing Cruella's post about the little house with the giraffe. What I hadn't expected was for our guest to begin softly singing a jaunty little song from the TV show. How cool is that! How connected.

Adam would be proud.


Chary Johnson said...

I had to do a double take and check where your location. You mentioned "cold and soggy" while here I am in the blistering days of summer. I had forgotten that in Australia, the season is opposite ours in North America.

I also follow our wonderful digressionista. I always get warmth and smiles from her blog.

I really enjoyed your post and look forward to more!

sue said...

Chary, will you please please accept my apologies for not thanking you almost a WHOLE month ago for your kind encouragement. So, a BIG thankyou now :)

I had promised myself I'd reply right after whatever seemed important at the time, then got distracted, felt guilty ... (a useless emotion I suspect, but one i seem pretty good at), and have FINALLY found time to have a bit more of a wander around this wonderful world of blogs.

I doubt that I'll be able to keep up with you all and I'll just have to dip in when I can, but what a joy to have taken the plunge into this fantastic world!

Cruella Collett said...

I am utterly, deeply, intensely ashamed. How did I MISS this?!?

First of all - you are the sweetest thing ever, you know that? I'm not saying it because of the veryvery kind words you said about me, or my blog, or my country (navel gazing is the PERFECT description of Norway, by the way. It might not sound too lovely, but our fixation with out own navel is in a strange way also endearing. Or maybe I'm just biased?).

But no. You're the sweetest thing because you keep making me smile, all the way from the other side of the world, always. Because you do your blogging with such care and heart that it even makes you want to share with a house guest who happens to be from Norway. And because you understand the importance of connectedness.

Tee wap indeed! :)

sue said...

Mari, How did you miss this post? That thing called a thesis was probably taking all your attention as was appropriate. But you've found it now! Hooray ;D

Thankyou so much for your kind words, I'm incredibly grateful that my blogging has evolved into such a positive experience for me, also that it has gone in a totally different direction to what I anticipated. It's nice to know that I make you smile, you deserve some extra nurturing at this time, and hopefully remembering that show has brought back some very happy memories.

May I send a virtual hug? Hehe, now maybe I'll wander off and indulge in some navel gazing of my own ;)