Thursday, June 10, 2010

CDAA Workshop: 28. Ladies who Launch

(This post forms part of a series of powerpoint slides from a presentation I gave at the Career Development Association of Australia Conference 2010 entitled: The Roller-coaster Ride from Permanent Part-time Employee to Private Practitioner.)

After the disappointing experience with the business mentor, this book was a God-send. I came across it while rummaging around in the local library.

Written by women, for women - bliss! It tapped into so many experiences I'd had personally, so many of the setbacks and negativity surrounding a new project.

It also goes into how women think differently from men, and that the male business model isn't necessarily the best for us. So all that guff I'd been fed about the necessity of creating a sound business plan BEFORE I even began was enthusiastically thrown out the door with gusto.

I gave one of these books away at the end of my talk, and hope the recipient is as enthusiastic as me, and finding it encouraging for her new venture.

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