Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook networking for the paranoid

An extremely internet savvy friend has done a bit of sleuthing on my behalf.

We've discovered (well really it was all her work - thanks Michelle!) that FB looks like it will do the trick.

At the conference presentation, it came to me that some kind of on line loose knit network would be nice for people dipping their toes in a new venture. The idea being, as I mentioned earlier, so that someone could mention that they are about to try a new (to them) bit of marketing/promotion/or whatever, and could post that they might be feeling very hesitant and nervous, and get some encouragement from another member. Nothing super formal or "stuffy", just a relaxed "we're in it together" kind of thing.

So, I've set up a FB group set to 'extremely paranoid'. Of course with all this, there's always the possibility of a Lisbeth Salander (isn't she amazing) hacking in, but why bother? I mean, it's not all that riveting for people outside is it. Initially it is set so that I have to invite people to join, but that can be changed at a click.

What I expect to happen is that it will fall on its head, and no one will be interested enough to devote time to it. but it's been good to see how it works anyway.

And the other challenge is to entice colleagues who are paranoid about security, and distrusting of FB to get an account, ah well. As they say, "It's not your problem Sue".

So, there we have it, colleagues & friends are most welcome to contact me to ask to be included. No cost, no fuss, and best of all you aren't expected to be a super duper whiz bang internet savvy business person to join in. Just someone who wants to launch an idea/service or whatever, and wants the support of others in a similar situation.

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